Checklist To Find The Best MPOS Device For Your Retail Business
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17-07-2017 00:00:00
Checklist To Find The Best MPOS Device For Your Retail Business

If you’re owing a retail store, restaurant, or anything belongs to the service industry where handling of credit/debit cards or cash on a daily basis becomes a routine affaire, then you should have mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) terminal/s to handle your business and customers, in particular, who are increasingly becoming impatient at checkouts and wanting to be pampered with the latest POS technology.


If you are looking to get an mPOS device for your retail business, you need to understand what all an mPOS device can do for your business to ease your operations and enhance your business. There are ways to analyze and zero-in on the right mPOS for your type of business. 


With India inching towards a cash-less economy, card usage is going to become inevitable, and every retailer, whether small, medium or large, should have at least one POS payment (card) accepting terminal if not an integrated mPOS hand-held device which can perform multiple functions – accepting cash/card, billing, inventory management, barcode scanner, receipt printer, customer relation management, back-office functions and so on.


So, how to decide the right mPOS for your store? There are four steps to find the right Mpos gadget.


1.    User-friendly


mPOS should be user-friendly. Otherwise, you will be spending hours in training your staff. Make sure that your mPOS is fast, easy to handle, sleek in design and intuitive. Ask your POS vendor or Software service provider that you need an mPOS which should be easy to use and handle, look aesthetic and attractive loaded with features. Find whether the POS software is competent for normal tablet, online and cloud. Apart from having aesthetic design and rugged body, your mPOS brand should give you service warranty on hardware components. Check whether you can get a free trial to analyse all the above features.


2.    mPOS and customer experience


As you know, your advanced mPOS can’t be used as a simple swiping machine, you should know that you’re investing something more to take your business to next level. An elegant mPOS device with host of customer-friendly software features should be able to boost customers’ shopping experience. mPOS can be used effectively for personalized marketing. You can automate your marketing and promotions, send digital coupons or gift cards, maintain customer database, offer reward points to customers and inform them about the new arrivals and attractive offers during special occasions through personalized mailers or messages to their smart devices.


The benefits you draw from offering best customer experience are significant. It will make them realize that you have a system which is intelligent enough to recognize them, communicate with them and reward them for their loyalty. So, look for a system that includes all the customer-pleasing benefits.


3. Data security


This is one of the most important questions you should ask your vendor. Ask them that how safe are the customer data in your system or on cloud server? Do a detailed online research to understand the best data security system and security protocols to be followed. Even if you have the most advanced security system in place for your mPOS, it may not enough to protect data pilferages as information related to credit or debit card details can be compromised through tiny “skimmers” planted on the back of POS cash registers. So, it is important to monitor your mPOS devices frequently to ensure that no unauthorized device has been placed there.


4. Cost factor


Finally, the cost factor. With growing market for mPOS in India, the cost of owning a typical mPOS device with integrated software cost much less than owning a traditional POS equipment, for which you have to pay separately for cash drawer, touch monitor, barcode scanner, POS billing and inventory management software, etc. Your all-in-one MPOS is integrated with all these features. So, you can easily venture into the world of seamless customer service.


Find out if there is any recurring cost for the software you use for your retail store. The service provider should give you an assurance that you will get automatic software updates. Ask the cost factor for cloud charges and other monthly fee for the software. Try to get the software at onetime cost and tie up an annual maintenance contract to minimize expenses on system failure, updates and value-added services. 


Try to nail down a system that can work long-term for your business. When you have the right Mpos system, you can enjoy all those benefits of technology such as heightened customer service, improved efficiencies, increase in profits, better business planning and ability to monitor multiple store operations at any point of time anywhere in the world.

-K Ramanathan

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