Checklist to choose Right POS System for You
07-03-2015 00:00:00
Checklist to choose Right POS System for You

One of the important things which needs prior understanding and decision making when you launch your new retail business is a perfect Point-of-Sale system, which shouldmatch your business requirements. Researching to find a correct POS system can be tiresome at times if you are not adequately informed, but making the right decision cansave your enormous amount of time and money later down the line. There are some points to ponder for those who have apprehensions or not able to decide on buying the right POS system.

User-friendly system

Your POS model shouldn’t be filled with complexities but should be easy to operate and simple to set-up. A POS system with an in-built interface to transact quickly and keep queues moving. Training managers and cashiers to operate the POS system should take only minutes, not hours. Care should be exercised that any POS model that is difficult to learn or complicated to operate will frustrate employees and also waste time that can be utilised for better purposes. Inventory management should be painless and straightforward.

Reliable customer assistance

For any good company which deals with POS products,they should have a strong customer support or care. You may need to contact a customer care executive in case you have some issues with your newly-bought POS system. You could lose sales if you don’t have the option to contact the company representative to fix the issue immediately. You may require to contact the customer care for issues related to financial transactions or to understand a specific feature or even setting up a barcode scanner.


With technology changing at a rapid pace, the POS system you buy today shouldn’t become defunct tomorrow. With cloud-based software delivery and data storage and mobile payments becoming popular, POS systems should be made on a flexible platform which should support technology integration. Soon, mobile payments are likely to takeover card payments. Mobile loyalty programs too are becoming popular in the hospitality and retail environments.

You should also aware that cloud-based POS systems can eliminate the requirement of costly upgrades and also security concerns with respect to client-server systems.

Sustainable and affordable

Though the costs of Point of Sale products are on the higher side compared to the traditional cash registers, the advantages of POS products are many, sustainable and rewarding for a retailer in the long run. You have to check different features and prices to zero-in on particular product which should match your requirement and budget. There are quite a few information available on the net to come to a quick conclusion while you can also relay on a few websites dealing with exclusive products to choose right POS product. To get a clear idea about POS products, contact here.

Reports galore

For any retailing, POS system should produce complete sales reports highlighting best selling goods and returns, recording margins and scaling the effectiveness of pricing. POS system should be capable of tracking sales by department wise, items, and time so that it would help to adjust staffing and utilize floor space efficiently. Also, a detailed reports are useful for accounting purposes. Asa head of the store, you may like to see on-screen reports and charts in the form of easy-to-understand snapshots.

Anytime and anywhere data

With technology at your disposal, data accessibility from remote location has become viable from your home or store. It is also essential that sales and inventory data should be made accessible to you whenever you want it. Traditional POS systems can’t make you access to reports when you’re athome, traveling or simply anywhere outside.The cloud-based POS makes it possible to access back office operations from any web browser. Other advantages of buying tech-savvy POS systems is that it will have smartphone apps that help owners to get real-time sales data.

Secure your data

With highly contagious and high-profile date thefts doing the rounds, retailers should take data safety and security seriously while choosing their POS system. To play safe, POS system should not store customer card numbers, and every transaction should be encrypted. While traditional POS terminals, which run on PC-based systems, are subjected to attacks from viruses and malware, a cloud-based iPads areimpenetrable and are quite safe.

Quality hardware

Lastly, the hardware that comes with your POS products should be durable, sustainable and stylish. Generally to cut cost, some vendors use second-rate peripherals and hardware with the software. It is irritating to struggle with frequent printer jams or weak stand or intermittent system failure. You may have to pay more for quality hardware, but it will save you from untold sufferings in the long run.After all, one of the most visible things in your store is the physical display at pay counter and this should go with the decor of your shop. Happy retailing!

-K Ramanathan

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