Cash registers on clouds: The best way to run your restaurant
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15-09-2015 00:00:00
Cash registers on clouds: The best way to run your restaurant
Are you still taking orders using pen and papers and rushing them to kitchen quickly while parrying questions from waiting customers? Think again. Your restaurant business needs a complete makeover with technology taking a lead in bringing your business to next level while sophisticating the day-to-day operations much to the satisfaction of your customers.
According to a software advisory firm report, more than 50 per cent of the newly launched restaurants in India are moving away from pen and paper and buying a cloud POS cash register or simply put, online cash register to improvise their business operations.
So what is special about adopting online cash register? Restaurants want a system which helps them to improve organizational efficiency and aid their business growth, and a cloud-based solution can help achieve these and much more for them!
There are several benefits one can list out when switching from traditional cash register to Cloud POS in restaurants.
Low overhead cost
Most importantly, Cloud POS requires less hardware and needs less manpower to achieve highest efficiency. With a help of a tablet with inbuilt tailor-made software, one can transact and take orders simultaneously. Since the servers are maintained elsewhere, you don't have to worry about data storage, frequent software updates, system failure, annual maintenance or any other recurring expenses.
No more brain game
Your staff members don't have to depend on their own knowledge or memory when it pertains to certain combination of food items available in the catalogue. They can simply make recommendations right away and up sell with the help of online cash register. Also, they don't have to remember and identify repeat customers from their face and extend special privileges. Your online cash register will take care of this task too.
Simplified ordering
Using tiny hand-held devices or tablets, waiters can take orders and send them to kitchens instantly for processing while continuing conversation with the customers tableside. This provides better face-to-face interaction with customer coupled with improved and speedy services.
Monitor business anywhere and anytime
Since the servers are positioned and maintained elsewhere, with a dependable internet connection, you can access your real time sales data and monitor multiple store business operations wherever you are and at any time. Simply saying, you can monitor your sales and profit and make key decisions even while you’re away or travelling.
No worry of data loss or theft
As the servers are maintained at remote location, no natural calamity or man-made disaster can wipe off your data. These remote systems are maintained with multiple-back up facility having strong protective system to avoid data pilferage. With a meager monthly maintenance fee, you can achieve secured data server, can monitor your business anytime and anywhere and free yourself from a lot of mundane issues and hence concentrate more on your business expansion.
Increased revenue
Since order taking and sending to kitchen for processing are being done instantly, you can attend more customers in less time thereby increasing the efficiently and the revenue. This will also better customer service and bring in more repeat customers along with new lots to your restaurant.
Instant reports
Instead of depending on external software, a calculator or simply a bookkeeper to generate business reports, an online cash register can do this part of your job with just a click of a button.
Better Customer management
The days of physically differentiating bills or tracking bar tabs using pieces of paper or mentally are passe. Cash register software can do these tasks easily allowing you to manage your customers efficiently.
The advantages of changing from pen and paper to a cloud-based cash register are many. The benefits are immense in every element of your business, whether it is billing, inventory management, sales tracking, customer data management or employee clocking, Cloud POS allows you to focus on creating a perfect customer experience.
So, what are you waiting for? Click here to order your Cloud POS today and take your business to new heights.
-K Ramanathan

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