Bust Queue and Expand Customer Base with Retail Kiosk Printers
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22-06-2017 00:00:00
Bust Queue and Expand Customer Base with Retail Kiosk Printers

For any retail firm aiming to expand its business, placing retail kiosks at strategic places offer huge benefits and convenience to customers that ultimately help the company to grow faster. 


In India retail kiosks can be found in cinema theatres, which are used to issue tickets and coupons, at railway station to issue current tickets for passengers, in airports where these stand-alone machines help passengers of various airlines to print boarding pass or tickets without wasting time by standing in the queues.


Kiosks in Indian retail industry are gaining momentum and popularity among consumers are going up as companies are incresingly using retail kiosks to increase their revenue and customer base. Though kiosks are also used to purchase merchandise like hot and cold beverages, chocolates, and other items for children, these stand-alone or mobile kiosks are predominantly used for generating receipts, tickets and coupons for various industries. Kiosk printers are using thermal technology to print receipts which are easy and convenient to print by even by children.


What are the benefits?


Being used more in healthcare, entertainment and banking sectors, kiosk printers offer several benefits to companies looking to increase their customer footfalls and revenue. Not only it offers profound customer satisfaction and convenience, these kiosks are useful to reach more customers and improve sales opportunities as well. Kiosks printers are also used by companies to advertise their merchandise with catchy messages, slogans and offers to attract consumers and improve brand identity.


Though kept at public places and inside the busy convenient stores, POS kiosks printers offer low maintenance cost, sturdy and can work in harsh work environments, can be reliable, fast and rugged and produce practically nil noise pollution. 


Kiosks receipt printers are used to print coupons in hospitals and dispensary to regulate patients in queues. In retail environments, these printers are commonly used to bust queues and allow customers to complete transactions at Point of Sale much faster thereby saving time and energy. 


In cinema halls, multiplexes and malls, kiosk printers are kept to issue tickets and offer coupons for movie buffs and shoppers. In some places kiosk printers are used in parking area to issue tickets to customers visiting shopping complex, movie halls or malls. 


Some of the prominent brands offer Kiosk Printers in India are Star, Citizen and Epson.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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