Boost your sales through POS displays
15-06-2015 00:00:00
Boost your sales through POS displays
You have a departmental store selling grocery items which are arranged neatly on racks with tags giving details of each set of items to customers. But what about those which have arrived recently and you want to promote them to increase sales volume?
Though there are several strategic places in a store where customers can be reached or informed about a new product, the best place to display new arrivals is Point of Sale counters as customers waiting in the queue will have the leisure to look at the products and can decide for immediate or future purchase.
Displaying products near POS counters can help increase their impact at purchase time. Such displays are no doubt effective for impulse items or those products for which customers have less brand loyalty.
According to a study, displaying of a particular item or items in strategic locations such as Point of Sale counters or store entrance has increased the rate of sales by as much as 64 per cent over a period compared to items kept in their regular shelf locations.
The biggest challenge in point-of-sale displays is getting space and retailers' nod to use them. Though most of the retail chains decide as to what they should display at POS counters, others simply allow manufacturers to use their POS space to showcase new products, of course with cash incentives.
Store managers are the sole authority to accommodate product displays even though you have an agreement with its head office to maintain uniformity in displaying their ads or products across its branches. More so, store managers will allow such displays for shorter period only in order to keep their merchandise mix appealing and fresh to their customers.
Display of items in strategic locations is referred as dumps. They should be placed in front of the store to attract the attention of more customers. This is the most ideal of all point-of-sale display options. Normally, shop managers reserve the places to display top brands and fast selling items.
Counter displays
Prepacks or counter displays also serve as counter items. Merchants normally display low-priced products that consumers buy on impulse when they wait for sales assistance or at cash register. Small novelty items and kids products are ideal for displaying at counters.
Displays of new or upcoming products should be attractive and even whimsical. Vendors should keep it in mind that such display should be space-friendly and not to affect the views of sales man and customers.
Posters are one of the least exciting point-of-sale display options. But they can be very effective in informing customers about a product they haven't heard of before.
Shelf talkers
Shelf talkers are sign boards that are kept on either side of the shelf. They are very effective and cost-effective too. These posters or display banners should be made with brief text to grab consumers' attention.
-K Ramanathan

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