Benefits of Using the Right POS for Your Food Business
12-09-2017 00:00:00
Benefits of Using the Right POS for Your Food Business

Point of Sale (POS) system has become an inseparable part of restaurant business. From the massive and stationary cash registers to Mobile technology, POS has come a long way enhancing the food business with incredible customer experience.


Today, most of the restaurants in up-scale markets in India use cloud-based POS technology due to its vast advantages such as low-cost hardware and software maintenance, no capital investment, convenient to use, sophistication and enhanced functionality. 


Cloud POS system is like a whole bunch of experts working for you behind the scenes to make sure that everything goes well for you as per the plan, efficiently and quickly. With latest POS technology, every retailer can track sales any time, maintain bookkeeping, check inventory and concentrate on other important business processes, which make the whole process simpler, faster and easier.


Let’s find out how POS can make a restaurant business more viable and customer-friendly.


Data security


Since you have the complete control of management console, you can selectively give access to your staff to prevent data pilferages. For example, you can give access to your  accountant to see the financial data to prepare a report. But he won’t be getting the access to general system settings, editing the menu and other key functions.


Every barman or waiter must have his own unique PIN  number to open his or her mobile POS. Also cloud system ensures that all your crucial financial and other data are safe and secured on the remote server.

Fast order taking


Ensure that your restaurant POS software supports Android, iOS and Windows devices like laptops, tablets or smart phones to increase the speed of orders processing. The waiter or floor manager can take the order on his tablet or Mobile POS hand-held device and send the orders instantly to the kitchen printer (KOT). This improves the process significantly and customers get their dishes faster. 


In some restaurants, automated POS system transfers information directly to a large LCD monitor or TV placed in the kitchen. When the dish is ready, kitchen staff send instant notifications to respective waiter to take the dish to the customers. So, the seamless operation reduces time, satisfies customers, improves operation efficiency and brings more profits to the owner. 


Staff management


POS system allows restaurant owners to manage staff effectively. Owners can monitor their waiters that when he or she began and closed the shift, positive and negative feedbacks received from the customers, check money transactions by individual waiter, and his/her operational efficiency.


Owners can also view the inventory position at the store room at any time, increase or reduce staff at the dining hall during rush-hour or lean hours, get inputs such as the most favoured waiter, and plan effective customer relation activities to improve the footfalls.


Easy to customize


With user-friendly restaurant POS software getting popular, anyone without training can handle the POS device effectively and manage the business with a single tablet. Customers prefer sophistication and when your restaurant staff are equipped with the latest POS gadgets, customers feel pampered and elated. More so, the POS software can help staff to create new menus and dishes, divide them into categories, change ingredients, update prices and customize as per the popular demand.


Financial management


After introducing POS system to your eatery business, you can monitor your finances effectively having complete information about the daily collection, expenses, wages, cash register details, collection, procurements, pending payments and much more. So, no chance of losing the track of a single rupee. All are available in real time and owners can access these data even outside the restaurant or anywhere in the world. 


Inventory control


Inventory tracking helps prevent pilferages/wastages of food items and theft by staff members and outsiders in the restaurant. Long Excel tables are the passé. With latest POS system information about write-offs, expenses, deliveries and balances for the inventory period can be tracked swiftly. If you have multiple joints, you can track the quantity of ingredients, changes in the menus, leftover food, etc in each location within seconds. You can set-up email or sms notifications for stock leftovers, increase in demand and arrival of fresh supply, etc and plan your business decisions instantly. 


All these applications will be of immense use for your food business, but your POS vendor must give you the complete information. So, try to get the right POS system that offers you the complete range of applications, advantages and price to make your food court a customer-friendly.

-K Ramanathan

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