Benefits of CCTV Surveillance Cameras for Retail Businesses
04-10-2017 00:00:00
Benefits of CCTV Surveillance Cameras for Retail Businesses

The world security market has seen a sea change over the last decade that has resulted in bringing state-of-the-art-technology into the electronic security and surveillance industry. There has been a sudden spurt of criminal activities across the world that has driven the need for efficient and dependable security and supervision solutions for both individuals and businesses.


Today we have high definition (HD) CCTV cameras installed everywhere, from the strategic and vulnerable public places, banks and ATMs, offices, parking places to public utility areas, most frequent places and commercial hubs. 


For video surveillance at strategic places, CCTV cameras play a major role as it forms an essential part of live filming. Depending upon the applications, CCTV cameras can be used for monitoring, continuous video and image recording and surveillance. 



CCTV Applications


Surveillance is the most popular and widely accepted application of CCTV cameras, which play a crucial role in reducing the criminal activities in the public and private places by recording video and audio live covering the areas where the cameras are positioned. For traffic police, cameras installed on roadsides and traffic intersections provide effective monitoring of traffic flow which helps the police force to provide immediate assistance to accident victims, prosecute traffic offenders and prevent other criminal activities like chain snatching and robbery. 


CCTV cameras are also on great use for national security at border areas and trouble torn regions and also provide protection at monuments and critical infrastructure facilities.


Digitization of security and surveillance sector has introduced efficient and effective HD CCTV cameras and integrated security solutions. With the changing technology, CCTV cameras too have evolved and offer wide range of applications and benefits to customers with competitive price. 


The hardware and software integrators of the surveillance cameras offer effective installation and design facilities to customers. The innovation in CCTV camera technology is will benefit industries such as retail, hospitality, entertainment industry,  public utility services, strategic public places and government agencies.


CCTV Cameras for retail industry


In the advent of supermarket culture in India, many such retail stores are using CCTV cameras to prevent shoplifting/theft, misappropriation of cash and goods at Point of Sale (POS), monitor staff activities, provide insights into customer preferences, offer customer support, monitor inventory levels and much more. Not only super markets or grocery retail outlets, CCTV cameras are prevalent in textile showrooms, departmental stores, convenience shops, drug stores, electrical and electronic shops, food courts and health and beauty parlors.


As different CCTV devices are available for different retail applications, vendors should study the need carefully before choosing appropriate security apparatus for their store. Since it will be a long time investment which offers Return on Investment too, retail owners should take the guidance of professionals and experts before installing appropriate and best suited HD CCTV cameras in their outlets.

-K Ramanathan

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