Automate Your Dry Cleaning Business with Latest POS Technology
05-10-2015 00:00:00
Automate Your Dry Cleaning Business with Latest POS Technology
Dry cleaning or laundry service is surely a prospective entrepreneurial venture in India. With the number of working couples steadily increasing in urban and semi-urban areas, people expect a reliable and fast laundry service, and they would readily outsource this mundane work when they find one in their backyard.
Convenience and paucity of time are the major factors people opt for dry cleaning services, and when the dry cleaners compel their customers to spend more time on POS billing counters, it is time they should revamp their business.
Reliable and technologically advanced POS system is the need of the hour for the dry-cleaning business to prosper. So, how would you choose the right Dry Cleaning POS System for your shop? What are the features they should have for better customer satisfaction? ;Here we give you a brief analysis on finding the right POS for your dry cleaning business.
Multiple Payment Options
These days most of the retail businesses in India accept credit/debit cards for receiving payment. This is one of the major convenience factors customers expect from the store owners. One can't think of success in business unless extend this facility to customers. Customers looking for convenience will walk away if you stick to 'cash-only' payment mode.
Garment Tracking Through-out Your Facilities
A tracking system which helps locate every garment that comes in to your shop is a basic facility your laundry shop should have. When a customer asks for his/her cloth, you should be in a position to locate the order or tell its current status. With a reliable tracking system at your side, transactions will become faster. This will help you attend more customers, get time for other important tasks, and bring more happy customers to your shop.
Pickup and Delivery Route Planning
Planning and scheduling the pickup and delivery of order is a challenging task. The more the business, the more problem you will face when you adopt traditional entry system. POS technology can help you manage these tasks automatically and can streamline the operations.
Client Notifications
When you mention the expected delivery time and date in the order receiving receipt, you should stick to the time and intimate your customers when their order is ready. Clients can't wait for their garments to be done beyond the scheduled time or come to your shop several times. An automatic client notification system is all required which can be integrated with POS system. This will save time of both you and your customers and avoid unnecessary heart burns.
Reward and Discount Support System
Rewarding the loyal customers with freebies, discounts or extra services can go a long way in Customer Relationship Management. One can't conduct promotional campaigns if the system doesn't support the same. A good POS system should have such facility and extent applications that should honour such types of transactions so that customers can claim their rewards.
Collecting the basic information of the customers is of great help. This, not only avoid regular customers to provide their complete information again, the service provider can reach the customers with offers and discounts from time to time.
Certain clients have preferences of using chemicals or starch they want for their garment. Having such details on POS will show your customers that you care for them and offer them with the best service.
Dry Cleaning POS systems are just like a computer system which has, apart from a customized software, can drive various applications such as sales, profit, customer preferences, etc. These systems also support external devices such as barcode scanner, barcode printer, cash drawer and regular thermal/dot matrix receipt printer.
So, how to choose the best POS? With thorough research and inspection, you can choose the best POS for your business. JusTransact provides the right POS products and technology for the right business with its innovative, effective and user-friendly website.
-K Ramanathan

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