Advantages of Passbook Printers
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12-05-2015 00:00:00
Advantages of Passbook Printers
Passbook printers are generally dot matrix printers, which are extensively used to print customers' data such as information on money paid or any other recurring details in a prescribed format for record purpose.
These printers are designed to print front office applications catering to banks, postal department, financial services and public administration and are capable of handling wide variety of printing formats.
As most of the brands are embedded with auto alignment and Automatic Gap Adjustment (AGA) features, passbooks and documents that are re-inserted with variable thickness and in any position can be printed efficiently and quickly.
Unlike other POS machines where thermal technology is used, passbook printers are dot matrix ones with the ribbon life having around 10 million characters and print head life of about 400 Million Characters. This gives long life for the impressions printed on the sheets.
Passbook printers are otherwise known as transactional multifunction printer for front office and financial applications having interfaces Serial, Parallel and USB.
Some of the top brands offering passbook printers are Epson and TVSE which are known for speed, quality and reliability that banks need for fast throughput and customer satisfaction.
Customer segments where passbook printers are extensively used include: Banks, jewellery stores, manufacturing companies, automobiles and chit funds.
-K Ramanathan

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