Zebra Technologies launches two new 2D scanners in India
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25-06-2016 00:00:00
Zebra Technologies launches two new 2D scanners in India

US-based Zebra Technologies, which deals in marking, tracking and computer printing technologies, has launched two new 2D scanners in India.

The two scanners – 3600 series and DS4308-XD are rugged devices that will offer manageability in demanding industrial environments, said a statement from Zebra Technologies, a press release said.


“As 2D barcodes are being used more and more, and multiple barcodes, 1D or 2D, are added to a single label, a trend that calls for versatile barcode scanning technology is gaining momentum. At Zebra, we offer a comprehensive breadth of 2D imagers for our customers’ choosing, and they can deliver unbeatable performance compared to traditional laser scanners and other 2D imagers on the market, allowing companies to get more capabilities and do more business with one device,” said Wayne Harper, senior technical director, Zebra Technologies, Asia Pacific in a statement.


The 3600 Series, a 12 ultra-rugged scanners that will offer prolonged durability, enhanced scan performance, and manageability in demanding industrial environments.


While DS4308-XD is tailored for electronics manufacturing to capture a variety of barcodes and marks emblazoned on circuit boards and other electronic components, delivering advanced scanning technology to track every component on the production line.

Apart from these two new scanners, Zebra had announced other 2D-capable devices in the first quarter of the year: The TC8000 and RFD8500.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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