Wristcode Technologies Launches RestoByte App For Restaurants in India
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16-12-2017 00:00:00
Wristcode Technologies Launches RestoByte App For Restaurants in India

Wristcode Technologies, one of the leading mobile app development company, has recently launched a restaurant POS application named RestoByte. 


The restoByte app is not only suitable for restaurants, but also for any kind of business like Bakery shops, clothing, Cake shops, Book store, café, Boutique and any other retail stores.


With online POS system, restaurant can easily manage the complete operations of business. Not only get menu order, the App can also generate reports based on customers. With customer insight report, restaurant can get to enhance the business and improve the area of lacking. 


Features find in RestoByte, an online restaurant POS, are that dashboard complete control over the restaurant business, sales inventory, sales report, accounts management, general settings, tax calculation, split up billing process, loyalty, gift cards, etc. The application can be easily integrated to the any system.


Today customer engagement is very much essential to bringing up the business growth. The features find in RestoByte, that lets you get closer with customers, are mail & sms send to customers on discount on foods, new menu updated can be instantly shared to the customers. 

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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