World's First Smartphone Compatible and Portable Thermal Printer Is Underway
22-07-2015 00:00:00
World's First Smartphone Compatible and Portable Thermal Printer Is Underway
DroPrinter will be the world's first Smartphone printer and probably the tiniest of the family of printers that have been invented so far, when it hit the shelves. Exclusively made for smartphone and similar mobile devices, the printer can easily print an SMS or a series of messages, maybe a grocery list or a QR code.

Founder Zhenxun Yu of China, who was the brainchild of this small yet highly useful printer, has recently launched a campaign for funding his dream project.

Yu also explained how the printer can be connected with a Smartphone. "We have also built an app which is extremely simple and easy to use. Users can even create and print QR codes using the droPrinter app. Once a device recognises it and is allowed to pair with it, the printer will automatically start doing its job," he said during a tech conference held here in China.

droPrinter uses thermal paper instead of regular paper, which is one reason why the printer is more cost-effective than many other mobile printers, Zhenxun Yu claimed. "Recurring cost is really low as we have used thermal paper instead of regular paper. Anything that can fit the size of the Smartphone screen can be printed in seconds. We believe that the product has got some real prospect in current and future markets," one of the assistants to Zhenxun Yu said during a press conference.

droPrinter Kickstarter campaign has already garnered more than 15000 USD in form of contributions made by technology enthusiasts who wanted the product to see in the market as soon as possible. "It's highly impressive how people reacted and we are overwhelmed at the response. I would like to mention that anybody making a minimum pledge of 50 USD can actually get the product for free when it is launched finally. Let's not forget that we have kept the retail price at around 90 USD," Zhenxun Yu said quite ecstatically.
-K Ramanathan

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