Wi-Fi Enabled PoS Machines Launched
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24-07-2017 00:00:00
Wi-Fi Enabled PoS Machines Launched

VGS GST Solutions, one of the GST Suvidha Providers and channel partner of the Wipro e-Peripherals (WeP), has launched Wi-Fi-enabled PoS machines in India.


Terming the products as a one-stop solution for traders and businessmen, Joint Commissioner of State Tax K. Nagendra told reporters on Friday, the devices comprise features such as digital signature service and provide convenient methods to taxpayers to file the returns independently. 


“After the GST rollout, some of the traders still find it a complex process to upload the invoices and file the returns. However, with the launch of ‘Easy Bill DR1’ and ‘Easy Bill P3’ devices, billing and filing of returns turns into a hassle-free exercise,” he stated. 


Nagendra said there was a need to create awareness on the functioning of the devices among the traders. He told the entrepreneurs to utilise the right means and follow convenient methods to file the returns.


A digital presentation was given on how the newly-launched products help in integrating the new system with the existing one and getting notifications and alerts to meet the deadlines.


Explaining the difference between the two machines, managing director of VGS GST Solutions G. Vijay Kumar said both the products were Wi-Fi enabled. “While both the machines help in generating month-wise supply bills, stock statements and transaction reports, Easy Bill P3 comes with added features and at an extra cost as the model consists of a touch screen and a browser so that tax can also be paid by swiping a credit card as well,” he said.


A step by step presentation on how to register the entity, upload the invoice details and file returns through the interface provided between GST server and taxpayers was given at the seminar that focused on the theme ‘File GST returns online easily’.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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