Weir Introduces Mobile Iron RFID Asset Management Solution
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20-11-2017 00:00:00
Weir Introduces Mobile Iron RFID Asset Management Solution

Weir Oil & Gas, has unveiled SPM Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and RFID mobile app at ADIPEC, which was held from 13-16 November 2017 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


RFIDWeir aims to ensure efficiency and accuracy to improved safety in the field. (Image source: Weir)


Combining Weir’s extensive RFID knowledge and backend database, this solution aims to bring greater visibility and functionality to the way service companies manage iron assets from the field.


Maintaining iron assets in the field was an error-prone archaic process that relied on manual data collection. Weir’s RFID technology acts by registering each asset by serial number.


According to Weir, its proprietary RFID mobile app is available for iPhone or Android devices. The app has been designed to bring the benefits of the previously launched SPM Asset Management Program (AMP) to the field. The RFID mobile app aims to support testing and inspection processes by identifying assets by serial number, thus allowing personnel to perform an inventory of parts. The operators are able to track every piece of iron anywhere in the world at any moment.


In addition, the mobile app also focuses on eliminating human error involved in manually tracking iron in the field. The SPM technology eliminates transposed numbers and misreading of data by scanning the RFID tag with a Zebra 8500 UFH RFID sled which functions as both an RFID and barcode reader.


“Each RFID tag has a unique identifier that is paired to the asset’s serial number to prevent duplication. When scanned by the RFID scanner the physical service band is effectively digitised allowing the operator to view and edit asset information via the Weir mobile app,” said the company in a statement.


Matthew Trieda, product manager of Weir Oil & Gas, said, “We set out to not only help them answer that question, but to go a step further in providing a comprehensive history and insight into asset integrity and performance.”


With SPM AMP and RFID mobile app, the company aims to enable the users to assign assets by crew or unit as well as view Weir inspection certificates.

-K Ramanathan

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