Walmart Introduces Self Service Kiosks to Avoid Crowded Checkouts
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08-07-2017 00:00:00
Walmart Introduces Self Service Kiosks to Avoid Crowded Checkouts

No more overloaded shopping carts, no waiting lines and — most importantly — no fuss.


Walmart, the omnichannel shopping giant, has recently introduced “giant self-service kiosks” in its stores that will retrieve and process online orders from customers, who can come later and pickup their order from these kiosks by just flashing the barcode sent to their mobile or email box.


According to a media report, customers can place their orders online, head to the nearest Walmart store, scan the barcode on their purchase receipt — which they can either take print out or simply access from phone — and the order arrives in a matter of seconds.


"Much like a high-tech vending machine for your online orders, this feature in a few of our stores allows you to pick up items in less than a minute by scanning a bar code sent to your smartphone," Walmart's Executive Vice President of Central Operations Mark Ibbotson said in a press release, who further added, "The pilot phase has been so successful we’re expanding it to other locations across the country."

-K Ramanathan

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