Virtual Graphics Launches Direct Thermal Label Free of Harmful Chemicals
14-02-2018 00:00:00
Virtual Graphics Launches Direct Thermal Label Free of Harmful Chemicals

Virtual Graphics has introduced a new, clean direct thermal label utilizing patented technology called RevealPrint. 


“New research shows that more than 90% of POS tape (better known as receipts) contains dangerous chemicals linked to infertility, autism and type 2 diabetes,” said the company in a statement. 


Virtual Graphics produces RevealPrint direct thermal black & white or colour labels and POS tape that doesn’t require ink or ribbons and contains no Leuco Dye, BPA, BPS or phenol. 


“It’s just a safer way to print. Our patented technology offers a different chemistry than traditional thermal materials, and our labels never fade or yellow, unlike traditional black & white thermal labels,” said John V. Guzzo, Founder and CEO of Virtual Graphics. 


RevealPrint technology is a clean, safe option and can be applied to any pressure-sensitive label application – from incoming warehouse stock labels, shipping labels, POS tape and all label applications in between. 


“In addition to being a safe label, our technology also allows customers to image in multiple colours using their thermal printer,” said Martin K. Till, President of Virtual Graphics, who further added, “Increase productivity and lower costs by using colour on labels to differentiate information in your warehousing, shipping, logistics, loading and other applications.”

-K Ramanathan

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