Videojet unveils new thermal inkjet printer
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02-09-2015 00:00:00
Videojet unveils new thermal inkjet printer
Videojet Technologies has introduced thermal inkjet printer 'Videojet 8610' to cater to food packaging, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors for facilitating high-resolution coding on non-porous packaging.

Capable of putting to use fast-drying inks such as MEK-based fluids, the system is said to offer high resolution printing on non-porous packaging materials, such as films, foils, plastics, and coated stocks. It utilizes a patented cartridge for industrial inks including MEK-based printing fluids.

The Videojet 8610 print system is said to incorporate three main components - a controller with user interface, an industrial print head featuring the innovative Cartridge Readiness System and a disposable inkjet cartridge.

Videojet President America & global functions president Chris Riley said: "Videojet has long recognized the growing needs of packaging professionals to in-line print multi-line codes and other high resolution marks, including DataMatrix and QR codes, without modifying their packaging designs. The innovation inherent in the 8610 is our new industrial ink cartridge technology - a fully contained, high resolution print cartridge designed specifically to jet MEK-based inks.

"Coupled with the automated Cartridge Readiness System (CRS), the 8610 print system is ready when you are, regardless of the frequency or length of common line interruptions. The result is the ability to use fast-drying solvent inks such as MEK and still achieve clean, repeatable codes time after time."
-K Ramanathan

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