TouchMate Introduces New Point-of-sale Technology
29-03-2017 00:00:00
TouchMate Introduces New Point-of-sale Technology

TouchMate, one of the leading IT Products manufacturers, has unveiled their next-generation point-of-sale technology with the S-Line II, Cyprus and Dash-T3 models, according to a press release. 


TouchMate provides POS technology that allows businesses to incorporate their POS system into mobile, digital signage, back-of-house and self-service kiosk systems. 


The S-Line II includes an integrated receipt printer, barcode scanner and credit card reader. This new design puts everything in one package, saving counter space for selling. Peripherals include cash drawers, printers, bump bars and kitchen display screens.


The Cyprus has a barcode scanner, printer and credit card reader as part of the standard offering. Peripherals include bump bars, thermal and impact printers, cash drawers and kitchen display screens.


The Dash T3 can operate in both portrait and landscape modes. The unit can be mounted onto a countertop base, on a wall in high-traffic areas, or even used as a mobile POS system. The unit allows the client to create the proper mix of staff-guided interactions along with self-ordering options.

-K Ramanathan

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