Toshiba gets iF Product Design Award for desktop label printer
04-04-2015 00:00:00
Toshiba gets iF Product Design Award for desktop label printer
Toshiba Tec, a leading provider of technology solutions, has bagged “iF Product Design Award” for its B-FV4D desktop label printer.

The award, judged and issued by the International Forum Design GmbH (iF), is recognised as one of the prestigious design awards in the world. B-FV4D received the award for its compact body, outstanding design and innovative appearance, a press note said.

Stylish, yet robust, the user-friendly B-FV4D is intended for use in Logistics, Industrial, Courier, Retail, Healthcare and Commercial services.

Toshiba Tec realized to create a compact and stylish form while keeping its robustness and ease of use with its innovative design. Thanks to this sleek design the printer is ultra-compact and fits into the smallest of work spaces in the office, reception, or in the service counter. Also users’ convenience will be increased by the design, such as the slight recess in its top helps to prevent button malfunction, even things are put on the top of B-FV4D.

Toshiba’s B-FV4D adds to the list other award winners: the DB-EA4 double-sided label printer in 2011 and e-STUDIO2505 compact Multi-functional Peripheral (MFP) in 2013.

The B-FV4D will be available from April 2015 and Toshiba Tec will continue to innovate with its products and solutions to enable user’s businesses to operate more efficiently, the release further stated.
-K Ramanathan

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