Ticketbud Announces New Mobile Point of Sale System
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06-02-2017 00:00:00
Ticketbud Announces New Mobile Point of Sale System

Ticketbud, an online ticket sales and event registration company, has announced that it has a new mobile Point of Sale solution for events selling tickets at the door. 


The Point of Sale solution is a credit card reader that works specifically with Ticketbud's internal processor. As always, event organizers using Ticketbud capture revenue daily from their event.


"We have a simple and clear mission that informs all of our decisions at Ticketbud," said Kayhan Ahmadi, CEO of Ticketbud. "We enable event organizers to have successful events. We listened to our customers and built a point of sale that makes selling tickets at the door quick, easy, and reliable," he added. 


"Using Ticketbud's mobile point of sale was an easy decision," said Chief Financial Officer, Clint Campbell, adding,  "The point of sale technology allows us to integrate onsite operations with back end financial reporting with ease."


The Ticketbud Mobile Point of Sale System - Affectionately referred to as "Acorn," the Point of Sale credit card reader attaches to an iPhone,  iPad or iTouch device via the headphone jack. The credit card reader is able to process both chip and swipe cards. All net sales go to the event organizer's account.


Ticketbud designed the Acorn mobile Point of Sale system to work specifically for event organizers. Instead of charging credit card processing fees to the merchant, Ticketbud absorbs the processing costs out of the ticketing fee. This is different than traditional out-of-the-box mobile point of sale solutions which charge fees to the merchant.


The Point of Sale is embedded in the Ticketbud event organizer App, which can also be used to check in attendees. Currently, the Mobile Point of Sale is iOS only. Event organizers can purchase the equipment to rent at Ticketbud's online store, ticketbudstore.com


The Ticketbud App - The Ticketbud app for iPhone allows event organizers to check in and verify attendees. It also provides real time sales and revenue reports that are essential for ensuring a successful event.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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