Stringent Quality Checks on Imported Barcode Scanners CCTV Cameras and Smartwatches
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18-09-2017 00:00:00
Stringent Quality Checks on Imported Barcode Scanners CCTV Cameras and Smartwatches

To check the flow of sub-standard electronic goods in the country, the Ministry of electronics and information technology (MEITY) has added 13 more items including USB barcode readers, barcode scanners, iris scanners, smartwatches and CCTV cameras, to the list of imported electronic items that will have to undergo stringent quality checks, media reports said.


The 13 new items were added on August 17 to the Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirement for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012. The quality checks will ensure no non-compliant or sub-standard products enter the country, the reports said.


USB-driven barcode readers, barcode scanners, iris scanners, optical fingerprint scanners, LED, flood lights, LED lighting chains, Plasma/LCD/LED television of screen size up to 32 inches, CCTV recorders are among the 13 items added to the list.


“Companies are still struggling with delays in the Compulsory Registration Order (CRO) approval process resulting from bottlenecks at test labs... With India’s labs lacking the capacity to perform testing of this magnitude in a timely manner, there will be further delays in getting these essential products approved and into the hands of consumers,” experts told Mint. 


Even though the changes were made on August 17, it will be applicable post February 2018.


The ministry asked 35 smartphone makers, mostly from China, and Alibaba-owned UC Browser to furnish details on data security in August.


However, experts believe the CRO should focus on the safety of products so that there is ease of doing business in India.

-K Ramanathan

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