Star Micronics Launches AllReceipts, the Free Digital Receipt Solution
16-06-2015 00:00:00
Star Micronics Launches AllReceipts, the Free Digital Receipt Solution
Star Micronics, a leading POS and customer engagement technology manufacturer with more than three decades of providing ' proof of purchase' expertise, enables the ability to store receipts digitally with its new AllReceipts app, available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Printed receipts are valuable to customers which provides proof of purchase for in-store security, processing returns and warranty and expense claims. However, faded and misplaced receipts can cause frustration for customers, especially during a stressful tax season. The AllReceipts app alleviates this concern with a cloud-based digital receipt solution enabling the ability to store and manage receipts digitally.

The AllReceipts app is free to download and provides a secure cloud solution in which a digital copy of the printed receipt can be claimed by scanning a QR code printed on the receipt from any Star TSP100 thermal receipt printer models. Complementing the printed receipt, the customer can now access the digital version of the receipt on the app organized by date and by retailer.

Star's AllReceipts solution does not require customers to provide an email address or other personal information contrary to currently available e-receipt solutions. Instead, customers can remain anonymous and eliminate issues such as spam and privacy.

For retailers, the digital receipt solution includes a device management tool providing printer status and operational notifications. Retailers can set up an "instant" customer satisfaction survey, allowing them to receive real time feedback based on their customer's level of satisfaction at the time of purchase. Retailers can offer AllReceipts to customers with any TSP100 series printer by simply enabling AllReceipts from a Windows driver.

For iOS and Android applications, a Software Development Kit will be available soon for developers to integrate this free feature into their application.
-K Ramanathan

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