Star Introduces Access Point Mode Support for Receipt Printer
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08-03-2017 00:00:00
Star Introduces Access Point Mode Support for Receipt Printer

Star Micronics, the leading provider of Point Of Sale (POS) and proof of transaction technology, has introduced Access Point Mode support for the TSP100IIIWLAN thermal receipt printer. 


The TSP100IIIWLAN upgrade now provides a simpler solution for users to join the network from any location, using any device. The TSP100IIIWLAN with Access Point will provide a solution to some of the limitations present in the previous Ad-Hoc mode. Now, in its out-of-box configuration, the printer will behave more like a router, offering a simpler way for all devices to connect to the printer for setup.


“We very pleased to be adding Access Point Mode support for our TSP100IIIWLAN printer. Before, our customers were struggling to connect via WPS or Ad-Hoc and we knew we needed a solution. With Access Point, more users can utilize this printer peripheral with its out of the box set up that can be used with any mobile device,” said Jon Levin, Product Integration Manager of Star Micronics.


The TSP100IIIWLAN upgrade now makes it easier to set up with Windows, Android, and iOS devices and can be used out of the box with any operating system. Star’s TSP100IIIWLAN is also available to use with Star Cloud Services’ free digital receipt and customer engagement solutions. Star Cloud Services allows users to print receipts that can be digitally saved and stored by the customer using Star’s AllReceipts app, or that can be used for digital expense management with the Itemize app.

-K Ramanathan

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