Spill-proof Citizen CT-S651 provides ultimate reliability for hospitality businesses
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11-07-2016 00:00:00
Spill-proof Citizen CT-S651 provides ultimate reliability for hospitality businesses

Citizen Systems Europe has recently unveiled CT-S651 POS printer, ideal for hospitality industry, which is notoriously fast paced and offer challenging and demanding environments for point of sale (POS) technology.


CT-S651 printers are capable of overcome the operational challenges in any restaurant, pub or club, which were earlier having a lots of issues with spillages in printers. As a result, POS printers used in these unpredictable environments need to be designed to withstand heavy use and, perhaps more crucially, spills, while also being fast enough to keep up with a high turnover of customers at peak times. Typical top-exit printers may be able to print at the right pace and quality, however, should a glass of hot or cold beverage suddenly fall on top of one, the unit is likely to become filled with the liquid and fail.


The Citizen CT-S651 has been designed to overcome this problem and with the specific needs of hospitality companies in mind. Citizen developed this pioneering spill-proof front-exit printer to provide restaurants, pubs and clubs with a durable solution that does not compromise on speed or quality. If a drink falls onto the printer, it splashes off the surface, eliminating the risk of damage and allowing printing to continue uninterrupted from the front exit.


This powerful yet compact model also prints at speeds of up to 200mm per second and delivers a high-resolution output from a tough, long-life thermal print head to cope with the demands of even the busiest of businesses. It also features an integrated power supply to keep the area around the printer both safe and tidy, while ensuring the bar remains aesthetically pleasing. In addition, it takes just seconds for staff to replace the quick loading paper rolls.


The front-exiting CT-S651 is so much better than a top exit printer. Hospitality is not the most forgiving of businesses, but the front exit feature of this model takes most of the issues away. From customers’ point of view they’re having a lot less breakdowns because of this printer and they’re also much happier.


Equally, CT-S651 helps companies maintain their reputation as one of the leading providers of high quality POS systems by boosting client satisfaction. Citizen Systems Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese Citizen Group. Recognised for its high level of experience in advanced technology and innovative solutions, Citizen is famous for its watches, printers, machinery and electronic products.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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