Shopify Introduces Buy Online for Shopify POS to Help with Showrooming
08-11-2017 00:00:00
Shopify Introduces Buy Online for Shopify POS to Help with Showrooming

If you are a retailer and also runs an eCommerce store, this new service by Shopify may help you increase your sales if you are dealing with shoppers that are “showrooming” or are temporarily out of stock.


“Showrooming” is a practice that is becoming all too familiar for retailers as customers go into a store and then touch, feel, squeeze the product but decide to buy it later online.


Unless you are selling highly unique products, the problem is that your shopper may now purchase the item on another web store and you lose the sale.


Shopify’s new Buy Online for Shopify POS attempts to reduce this problem by offering you or your sales staff the ability to work out a deal with the customer in the store and then send the customer all the purchase information via email.

This new feature is a no-obligation process, so the customer does not provide any payment information. But you or your staff can provide incentives or other service options in the email to the shopper.


And to keep your staff happy, the sale is credited to the staff person that helped the customer. For those retailers that use incentives or commissions, this will keep your team engaged to work with undecided shoppers.


Canada’s leading online mattress brand is on board with the new Buy Online for Shopify POS system.


“As our online presence continues to grow, pop-ups and showrooms have become an integral part of our omnichannel strategy.


The challenge for us has been implementing the same kind of seamless, data-driven approach to our in-store checkout that customers have come to expect from us online. We are excited to add Buy Online for Shopify POS to our omnichannel toolkit, leveraging one-touch payment, and making it easier than ever to sleep better with Endy, ” says Aashish Nathwani, Marketing Director for Endy.

Real-Life Abandoned Cart


Another feature of the new system is that you can continue to stay engaged with your customer. The process is similar to standard eCommerce abandoned cart marketing strategy that sends reminders and offers to customers.

-K Ramanathan

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