Semnox Develops Wavier Integration in POS Machines
14-07-2016 00:00:00
Semnox Develops Wavier Integration in POS Machines

Semnox, a leader in providing Cashless and Ticketing solutions for Family Entertainment, Theme Park and Amusement Industry has recently developed a digital wavier integration with its Point of Sale (POS) system.

The Wavier screen is a touch screen based tablet with a stylus to capture the digital signature of the customer as well as the option to take the customers consent to send out digital marketing material. 


The content on the wavier screen is configurable and also supports multilingual language. Once the customer has signed the wavier using the stylus, the signature is captured and the electronic wavier file is stored in the Parafait System against that specific transaction for future reference.


 “With waivers becoming very critical for business, this process ensures that the wavier is signed before the transaction is saved against that customer’s file,” said Kiran Karanki, Director, Semnox Solutions.” 


Pointing out that the easy way of making customer sign the wavier form can save time, he said, “Our system stores this electronic wavier on file making it easy for the staff to retrieve a wavier when needed. ”

-K Ramanathan

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