Scandit Launches Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK 5.0
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01-11-2016 00:00:00
Scandit Launches Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK 5.0

Scandit, the leading enterprise Mobility and Data Capture Company, has launched Barcode Scanner Software Development Kit (SDK) 5.0 for smart phones, which is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Operating Systems.

The new release provides retail, manufacturing and supply chain enterprises with the speed and performance necessary to replace dedicated barcode scanners and mobile computers with more flexible and cost-effective mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and wearables, a release claimed. 


With the new SDK, mobile phones can produce equivalent or improved scanning performance at a fraction of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of traditional scanners. 


As for as scanning speed, even in high-volume scan environments, Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK 5.0 ensures that switching to smartphone-based scanning does not result in any loss of productivity. It can scan a code at distances up to 240 cm. That is more than three times the scanning distance delivered by leading dedicated barcode scanners. This maximizes the efficiency of scanning in large or crowded settings, such as warehouses or storerooms.


About angle, the ability to read barcodes at an angle has improved tremendously. The new release can read a barcode at up to an 80 degree side angle. This is beyond the capability of any high-end, dedicated 2D barcode scanner currently on the market. Advanced angle-reading capabilities greatly improve the ergonomics of scan operations by eliminating the need for employees to bend over or hold scanners in awkward positions.


Scandit ran tests where a code was scanned approximately every five seconds using Barcode Scanner SDK 5.0 running on the Samsung S7. Results show that the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK 5.0 achieved 15 hours and more than 9000 scans. By adding a battery case to device, you can protect it, as well as easily double those numbers. This means workers can scan for an entire shift without recharging or changing batteries.

-K Ramanathan

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