SATO Inks Exclusive Sales Agreement with DataLase for Asia Pacific Region
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09-12-2015 00:00:00
SATO Inks Exclusive Sales Agreement with DataLase for Asia Pacific Region
SATO, a leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions that empower workforces and streamline operations, haslaunched a new subsidiary, SpeciaLase Limited for marketing CO2 laser coding and marking technology developed by UK-based DataLase. The new company will operate in Japan and the Asia Pacific region, the company said in a release.

SATO acquired the exclusive sales rights for the ground-breaking laser coding printing technology and pigment in Japan and the Asia Pacific region from DataLase, a leading provider of materials for laser coding and marking of products and packaging. SATO also acquires a significant stake in DataLase as part of the deal.

DataLase's laser coding process offers a high-quality and cost-effective alternative to traditional labels and printing methods. It utilizes a nontoxic and environmentally friendly coating that provides a stable, high-contrast, high-quality and durable image on virtually any substrate using low-power CO2 lasers.

Laser coding has far-reaching applications across a range of industries from pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and all types of fast-moving consumer goods. It can be used for printing of everything from barcodes to variable information to images and graphics. Its key benefits are its high speed, its high-contrast print quality, its low cost due to elimination of consumables, reduction in the need for maintenance and downtime thanks to highly reliable CO2 lasers, and its on-demand capability enabling late-stage customization. It is also environmentally friendly by reducing consumables waste from the printing process.

SpeciaLase will conduct sales of DataLase's heat-sensitive pigment in Japan and around the Asia Pacific region. It will also forge business partnerships with laser and ink manufacturers, conduct sales of coding agents and equipment and develop new solutions to utilize the technology.

"DataLase has seen a significant level of growth with installations in many global brand companies throughout Europe and America," said Chris Wyres, CEO of DataLase.

"This new business model is further testament of how SATO fills in the last inch and helps us up the ante as we continue to pursue labor and resource savings benefits for customers across the board," added Hisashi Asai, President of SpeciaLase.
-K Ramanathan

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