Revel Systems, Punchh Team Up to develop iPad POS
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16-09-2016 00:00:00
Revel Systems, Punchh Team Up to develop iPad POS

Revel Systems, the maker of iPad point-of-sale management tool for brick-and-mortar retailers, food businesses and other industries, has partnered with Punchh, a provider of mobile engagement, CRM and marketing automation technologies for restaurant chains.


According to the company press release, Revel is partnering with Punchh because mobile engagement is becoming crucial for companies to enhance customer experience via personalized features. As more customers grow to expect personalized engagement from their mobile devices, restaurants and retail stores they frequent can build loyalty by offering integrated apps for loyalty, ordering, paying and playing games.


“We are thrilled to partner with Punchh. With one of the largest and most powerful loyalty and CRM platforms in the industry, we’re able to expand our reach into the enterprise market,” said Bobby Marhamat, chief revenue officer of Revel Systems in a release, who further added, “With this partnership, we’re increasing customer loyalty through inventive mobile engagement strategies, which, in turn, allows our clients to gain valuable insight about their customers.”


Punchh isn’t the first partnership Revel has engaged in to build its iPad point-of-sale platform. The company has been inking strategic partnerships as it gets more into the enterprise market. The idea is to create an enticing customer experience, it said.


“Our partnership with Revel allows us to deliver a world-class technology solution, which will greatly improve the experience for our customers and their guests. We are excited to partner with Revel to help drive guest engagement for restaurant operators and, more importantly, provide them with the analytical tools and insights they need to grow their business, ” added Shyam Rao, CEO and cofounder of Punchh.


Revel Systems’ software is targeted at restaurants, retail and enterprises and offers integrated payroll, inventory tracking and customer relationship management. With the introduction of the Revel Marketplace, Revel iPad POS System users can now integrate directly into third-party enhancements, including mobile payments, online ordering, gift or reward cards and advanced financial software suites.

-K Ramanathan

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