Posiflex Unveils Two Self-service Kiosks for Retail and Hospitality Sectors
15-02-2017 00:00:00
Posiflex Unveils Two Self-service Kiosks for Retail and Hospitality Sectors

Posiflex has released two self-service Kiosks, available in 32-inch and 21.5-inch screen, to suit in a wide range of business environments including retail, hospitality, travel and public services. 


The new addition to mobile POS MT Series: MT- 4310W, a 10-inch mobile tablet with an integrated EMV credit card reader is also on the agenda.


Wall or pole mounted, the 32-inch touch screen Self-Service Kiosk (KK-3200 series) comes with a 3-inch thermal receipt printer and optional 2D barcode scanner. It can also equip with EMV certified MSR/chip card payment device, hence making secure payment and receipt printing available in one integrated solution. Application: Food ordering for QSR,  check-in kiosks for hoteliers, hospitals or gyms, information kiosks, etc.


Desktop form, or with a stand, the 21.5-inch Self-Service Kiosk (KK-2130) can equip an additional ticketing printer in addition to the 3-inch thermal receipt printer built into the kiosk. The unit can be customized with optional accessories such as 2D barcode scanner EMV certified MSR/chip card payment device. Application: Ticketing Kiosks, check-in kiosks for hoteliers, hospitals or airports, information kiosks, etc. 


MT- 4310W is a 10-inch “Wintel” mobile tablet built tough with Gorilla Glass touch panel, and optimized for outdoor use with sunlight readable feature. Optional accessories are MSR, pistol grip barcode scanner, hand or shoulder strap, dock station, built-in EMV chip card reader. Application: Retail and Hospitality.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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