Posiflex Targets Retail and Hospitality Markets with MT-4008W
25-02-2015 00:00:00
Posiflex Targets Retail and Hospitality Markets with MT-4008W
Global leading brand in the design and manufacture of POS solutions and peripherals Posiflex Technology has launched its revolutionary mobile POS, MT-4008W. The new dedicated hybrid solution provides retailers and hospitality firms with the mobility of a tablet combined with the versatility of a traditional POS in one hybrid system

MT-4008W is an 8” tablet that supports MSR attachment, and can be integrated with the choice of a detachable pistol grip or a hand strap depending on the application. Moreover, an optional dock station with the printer support allows the device to have the features and functionality as an all-in-one POS.

The concept of hybrid POS is a perfect fit for both retail and hospitality, offering upward mobility as well as the advantages of a fixed POS system that delivers greater efficiency and speed.

Posiflex wants to expand its presence across the globe and for this, the manufacturer is counting on its new mobile POS terminal MT-4008W.

"MT-4008W creates a brand new experience for mobile retailing and hospitality applications. We believe we have developed a unique solution with all the benefits of POS terminals fixed and mobile, in a hybrid device with the highest quality of service, regardless of the use chosen by the trader,"says Owen Chen, President of Posiflex Technology, Inc.

MT-4008W is designed with advanced power saving technology that provides long battery life for daily operation. The pistol grip also houses a removable battery that can vastly extend the overall operating time.

Powered by an Intel processor, this mobile tablet runs Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry with a 1024 x768 screen resolution. Therefore most Windows-based applications can be ported over with minimal to no modification.

Sleek yet robust, the resistance to drop of the MT-4008W is from pocket height up to 3.5 ft. The detachable pistol grip is a truly ingenious invention. It not only allows for optional a 1D or 2D barcode scanner built-in, but also houses a swappable battery that effectively extends the operational life of the tablet. And most importantly, its ergonomic design and precise weight balance enable the store staff to easily carry and handle the tablet for an eight-hour shift.

Another highlight of MT-4008W is its charging dock station, which has a 3” WIFI thermal POS receipt printer built-in, and connectivity options to a wide range of peripherals. The integration of tablet and dock station allows the device to have the features and functionality of an all-in-one POS.

Posiflex is also showcasing MT-4008W at the RETAILTECH Japan 2015 to be held at Tokyo International Exhibition Centre from March 3-6.


RETAILTECH JAPAN is Japan's largest and most influential trade show specializing in retail information system. There is a vast collection of cutting-edge retail information technology ranging from store systems such as Point-of-Sale registers to head-office systems, in-store promotion devices, RFID / IC tags, backyard system and logistics. This show is classified into more specific categories based on their solutions, such as total retail information system, digital marketing, or warehouse and distribution to enhance the efficiency of business matching between visitors and exhibitors.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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