Posiflex Mobile POS Wins Good Design Award
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09-12-2015 00:00:00
Posiflex Mobile POS Wins Good Design Award
Posiflex Technology, a global leader in design and manufacture of POS solutions, has won Good Design Award 2015 for its ground-breaking mobile POS system, MT-4008W, from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP). The MT-4008W was announced as the winner in the category 'Shop Furniture for Commercial Use'.

Japan's Good Design Award was established in 1957 and acknowledges the best designs from leading companies around the world. Entries come from a wide range of fields, and around 1,200 designs are recognised each year. The symbol of the award, the 'G Mark', is renowned internationally as a mark of design quality, excellence and functionality.

Designed for the retail and hospitality industries, the MT-4008W offers a unique POS solution which combines the mobility of a tablet with the powerful functionality of a stationary POS in one revolutionary hybrid system. The 8" mobile tablet supports an MSR attachment and can be integrated with the choice of a detachable pistol grip or a hand strap depending on the application. Moreover, when the tablet is set at the dock station, it is a top-quality, fully fledged POS terminal with the ability to deal with high-volume transactions.

Owen Chen, President and CEO at Posiflex Technology, Inc. said: "It is a huge honour to be recognised with this prestigious Good Design award and we are delighted that the MT-4008W will carry the 'G-Mark' symbol. Together with the Red Dot design award from Germany, which the MT-4008W won earlier this year, this award demonstrates Posiflex's commitment to high quality design and technological development. We will continue to create innovative products that set new standards for our customers in both performance and design."
-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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