Posiflex extends POS range with Android solutions
07-07-2015 00:00:00
Posiflex extends POS range with Android solutions
Posiflex Technology, a global leader in the design and maker of POS peripherals and solutions, is launching new POS solutions on Android platform.

The two new additions to the popular Posiflex range have been designed to meet retail and hospitality demands for lower-cost terminals without compromising on performance or features and in response to the growing popularity of Android-based POS systems. The new products will be available in Q3 2015, according to company sources.

Heading up the new range is the Mobile POS MT-4008A, built on the Android 4.4 operating system, which shares the same versatility and ergonomic design as its Windows-based sister product, MT-4008W, with the small exception that the latter has a wide screen display.

As a hybrid solution, the MT-4008A gives users the mobility of a tablet combined with the powerful functionality of a traditional POS. It includes an 8" mobile tablet which supports an MSR attachment and can be integrated with either a detachable pistol grip or a hand strap depending on the application.

The MT-4008A replicates the sleek but robust award-winning design of its sister product, offering a multi-touch panel and optional built-in 1D or 2D barcode scanner in the detachable pistol grip, optional finger print sensor and/or MSR in an attachment. The unit can also house a swappable battery in the pistol grip that extends the operational life of the lightweight tablet so it remains fully functional for up to an eight hour shift.

The charging dock station features a built-in 3" WIFI thermal POS receipt printer, and connectivity options to a wide range of peripherals.

"There is increasing demand from the retail and hospitality sectors for fully-integrated, richly featured POS solutions that also offer outstanding value," commented Owen Chen, President and CEO of Posiflex Technology, Inc.

"We have responded to this with solutions based on the Android platform which enable us to deliver affordable POS that remains elegant and ergonomically designed to the highest standards," he further added.

Also set for launch is the XT-2614Q, the updated version of the Android-based XT-2614E, a key product in Posiflex's XT Series, the company's best-selling category of solutions. The XT-2614Q features the same slim, classic design that has made existing XT Series products so popular. This solution, which is also Android 4.4 based, is equipped with a foldable base that can be configured into different 'modes' to suit the user's requirements.

In addition, its fanless design enables first-class functionality even in challenging environments, but quiet operation, which in locations such as hospitals, is essential. The XT-2614Q has a 14" wide touch screen and high resolution display.

"POS development is moving quickly and the latest trends are for mobile and hybrid solutions across different platforms that are flexible enough to delivery maximum functionality," continued Owen Chen, adding, "One of the great advantages of these solutions is that, despite being technically difficult to achieve for the Android platform, we have been able to include a second LCD customer display that allows for independent display from the main screen. Our solutions are amongst very few in the market that are able to offer this feature."
-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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