Posbank Adds Four New POS Terminals to APEXA and DCR Series
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27-06-2017 00:00:00
Posbank Adds Four New POS Terminals to APEXA and DCR Series

Posbank, a global leading provider of Point of Sale (POS) solutions, has recently launched new additions to the APEXA series, APEXA PRIME and APEXA GW, and, groundbreaking all-in-one POS terminals, DCR series.


The Posbank APEXA PRIME, a new addition to the APEXA series, is compact in size yet giant in performance. Powered by 6th Generation Intel Core i5 processor, the APEXA PRIME delivers fast and powerful performance and reliable operation that are more than enough to run today's mission-critical POS applications. 


Continued from the APEXA G, its predecessor, the APEXA PRIME features the same modern look of the APEXA G and compact body with small footprint to save valuable counter space. In addition, the new APEXA PRIME offers multiple I/O interfaces and optional powered USB for more retail peripheral connection.


The APEXA GW is simply built for today’s retail and hospitality environments that require stylish and versatile solutions by offering flexible installation, improved connectivity, powerful performance, and advanced design. Built with various applications for today's complex retail and hospitality environments in mind, the APEXA GW is a highly versatile solution for staff and customers. Its 19.5” wide touch screen enables users to see more and do more while bringing new interaction opportunities. For customer-facing or self-service applications, the APEXA® GW transforms itself into a kiosk. The APEXA GW, spill and dust resistant, is suitable for retail heavy or food service environments.


The Posbank DCR series, super compact all-in-one POS terminals, is at the spearhead of Posbank’s embedded line-up. With an 8” or 9.7” PCAP touch screen, a customer display, a fast printer, and multiple card readers all integrated into a single terminal, there is no need to consider what to have around it. Engineered to have lean and simple structure, the DCR series offers lowest initial cost and total cost of ownership in its class.


The DCR series are provided with two different types of terminals that meet specific needs of various global customers. The DCR M4 operates on embOS, a market-proven real-time OS system and the ARM Cortex processor technology. It provides budget-sensitive owners with cost-effective and out-of-the-box solution. Powered by low-power high-performance solution, Intel Celeron J1900 processor, the DCR x86 delivers powerful performance and reliable operation. It supports Windows OS for system compatibility and ease of use.


“Our new POS terminals have been developed to meet changing needs of global customers. Upon its showcasing, we have already received fair-sized order at home and abroad.” said Steve Eun, president and CEO at Posbank. “We expect the new APEXA series and DCR series to help our customers successfully run their business by offering the versatility, style, and functionality.” Eun added.


About Posbank


Posbank is the global provider of Point of Sale solutions, with more than 200 customers in over 80 countries. Based on customer-focused engineering and years of experience, Posbank provides POS terminal, touch screen monitor, POS printer, peripheral and POS software for hospitality and retail industries. Posbank now focuses more on innovative POS system and custom solutions that meet specific needs of various global customers.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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