POS Highway Introduces Counterpoint Cloud Point of Sale Systems
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21-10-2016 00:00:00
POS Highway Introduces Counterpoint Cloud Point of Sale Systems

POS Highway that specializes in retail Point Of Sale (POS) systems has announced their new Cloud-based solution for NCR Counterpoint. As an Elite NCR partner, POS Highway is offering a fully integrated and secure cloud-based POS solution and inventory management software, which gives multi-location retail companies a full-fledged system for streamlining their operations.


Francis Tulu, President of POS Highway, stated: "Our custom Cloud POS solution lets you access real-time data from any authorized device. It makes complex technology solutions simple by removing the costs and required management associated with physical servers. It allows everyone to focus on what is really important: growing your business, satisfying your customers' needs, and making a profit."


Fred Minnick, owner of Minnick's Drive Thru and Lefty's Tobacco Plus stated: "The accurate reporting allows us to offer discounts on many products that our competitors can't. We can offer over $100,000 in discounts yearly because of Counterpoint's extensive report library, giving us the competitive edge. In addition, our managers can take a more proactive approach in deciding how to distribute the products to our 15 stores. Counterpoint Cloud POS takes away the guesswork when it comes to ordering, pricing, and transferring inventory."


With NCR Counterpoint Cloud, retailers can learn how to take advantage of POS Highway's multi-store point of sale solution and get a glimpse of the robust features it offers. Companies are able to manage their data centrally, locally or both. The system handles the management of inventory and physical counts as well as allowing managers to view sales, customers, and inventory from anywhere.


Since sharing data between locations is so important, the system also allows for managing inter-store transactions, such as returns, inventory transfers, gift cards and customer loyalty transactions with ease.


Francis went on to say, "We are proud to be offering retail chains a solution that will allow them to use the software by creating a streamlined solution for processing and sharing their most critical data."


POS Highway provides professional services for the installation, custom configuration, training, and on-going support of new retail point of sale systems. Working side by side with NCR for 30 years, POS Highway takes pride in being established retail experts that help retailers sustain business growth.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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