PAR Announces New Brink POS Software Version 3.6
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13-06-2016 00:00:00
PAR Announces New Brink POS Software Version 3.6

ParTech  (PAR), a subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation has released PAR’s Brink POS software Version 3.6  


The new release offers 28 new features and enhancements, including industry leading conversational ordering capabilities, new touch support technology for kitchen operations and an integration with Heartland Payment Systems, an industry leader in secure and reliable payment processing.


“We are excited to announce the launch of Brink POS V3.6, our latest version of restaurant software that comes as the result of our nearly 40 years experience providing technology to the Quick Service and Fast Casual segments,” said Paul Rubin, Vice President Brink Software, ParTech, Inc. “The feature and functionality benefits along with our new partnership with Heartland Payment Systems is further evidence of our commitment to delivering industry leading solutions to our customers so they can continue to deliver great customer experiences.”


Conversational Ordering Updates - The enhancements to conversational ordering in V3.6 were designed to facilitate a more dynamic and fluid customer order experience. Combos can now be made, broken, substituted, upsized or downsized with a single button press. The configuration of combos has also been significantly enhanced allowing for simpler configuration and offering greater flexibility with pricing and functionality.


Kitchen Touch Support – Touch capabilities within V3.6 now enable touch screen functionality to be used in the kitchen for both production and expeditor stations. This feature eliminates the need for a bump bar at the station for easier navigation and improved operational efficiency in the kitchen.


Heartland Payment Systems Integration – Brink POS is certified with the Pax S300 integrated pin pad providing both contact and contactless EMV, as well as support for mobile payment using near field communication (NFC), such as Apple Pay. The solution also utilizes Heartland’s E3 end-to-end encryption technology to immediately encrypt card data as it is entered for enhanced security.


Additional enhancements in V3.6 include splitting items between checks, differentiating notes for items on kitchen chits, enhanced onscreen keyboards for mobile tablets and the ability to assign different surcharges by delivery zone.

-K Ramanathan

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