NXP Launches New POS Reader Solution
20-05-2016 00:00:00
NXP Launches New POS Reader Solution

NXP Semiconductors has introduced a point-of-sale reader solution — SLN-POS-RDR — that will enable customers to develop and launch secure, contact and contactless payment systems into the market. 

The rapidly evolving market of electronic payments introduces new, innovative form factors, use cases and integration levels for the latest payment devices.  As a result, more secure and easier to use payment techniques are coming from multiple sources – from market leaders to start ups, as well as new entrants from companies that offer services to retailers but traditionally have not offered payment services.  By delivering a proven and certified POS reader solution platform, NXP enables designers to jump start their development and focus on innovation beyond the classical barriers to entry, a company release said.

“We have worked with a broad base of customers during the development of the POS reader solution platform and expect to see a wide range of end products based on this secure payment solution. It pushes the doors wide open to those looking to embrace market opportunities, where non-traditional payment form factors and innovative use cases are allowing new business models for payments to emerge,” said Rudy Stroh, Executive Vice President of Security and Connectivity at NXP. 

From TV remote controls and set-to-boxes in connected services for the smart home, to tabletop payment systems in restaurants and smart retail environments, the POS reader solution platform aspires to move secure, convenient contactless payment capabilities and adoption from infancy to mass deployment. 

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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