Noodle Live unveils alternative to barcode scanners
Barcode Scanners
04-12-2015 00:00:00
Noodle Live unveils alternative to barcode scanners
Noodle Live has launched a new product aimed at offering exhibitors the chance to bin clunky barcode scanners.

The tech firm's Next Level Exhibitor and Sponsor Lead Capture Devices are handheld tablets that instantly capture visitor data, with options to share documents and add notes and tags to captured leads.

Noodle Live MD and founder Clemi Hardie said: "Our innovation and inventions are always directed and driven by feedback from our clients and we’ve heard a lot of moaning about lead capture systems so we decided to make this our next project.
We're using radio frequency identification (RFID) to streamline and enhance lead capture. Our system makes it easy to instantly capture contact details in real time from visitors to provide key stakeholders with instant, tangible value. It's time to throw out the vintage tech and swap in a simple, slick tablet computer."

The system works by linking each visitor badge to their registration data - badges are then linked and activated on arrival. Once registered, visitors can use their badge to swap contact details with any stand they visit.

Hardie added: "Each exhibitor will be provided with a handheld tablet which can used to swipe visitor badges to collect contact details - much faster than a barcode scanner.

"The exhibitor will then be provided with a complete data set within eight hours of the close of the event. And the tablets can still operate in offline mode to ensure our system can be used even when the venue network doesn’t quite match up. The same tablets also track event and session attendance, so organisers can use one system to take care of multiple logistical needs," he further said.
-K Ramanathan

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