Mobile PoS firm Payleven targets developers
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22-04-2016 00:00:00
Mobile PoS firm Payleven targets developers

Payleven, one of the leading firms offering mobile point-of-sale (MPoS) services, has launched a range of developer products for mobile payments integration on iOS and Android.


The move follows an announcement last month by Square that it is launching a set of APIs, reflecting how MPoS firms are attempting to broaden their reach.


“In the mobile revolution, payment integration and interconnectivity between solutions is vital. Here at Payleven, we are addressing this need by delivering diverse options, as the only multi-channel payment technology company for small business and app developers alike,” said Payleven co-founder Konstantin Wolff.


Within the Payleven for Developers suite, there are two products. One is App Pay, which enables developers to integrate in-app purchases via Payleven on a smartphone or tablet. One of its key features is the ability to recognise returning customers.


The second product is Point Pay, which allows the integration of MPoS payments with a Payleven card reader into an existing app, either via API or SDK. The API enables payment completion in the Payleven app, after switching from the app in which the payment was first initiated. Alternatively, the SDK enables developers to maintain end-to-end control so maintaining a native user experience.


Payleven claims to be the only MPoS provider to offer “multi-channel payments”, meaning it targets both developers with marketplace platforms or small businesses with point-of-sale apps.


One early adopter is Conichi, a hotel app, which can now integrate payment so that guests can check in and checkout automatically, so bypassing the queue at the reception desk.

-K Ramanathan

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