Microsoft unveils its vision for Windows 10 point of sale solution
19-01-2016 00:00:00
Microsoft unveils its vision for Windows 10 point of sale solution

At the ongoing National Retail Federation's 'Big Show 2016' in New York City, Microsoft is showcasing the prowess of Window 10 and its vast advantages in retail and non-retail applications and compatible hardware not limited to desktop PCs and notebooks alone, but also smartphones, tablets, 2-in-1s, smart TVs, set-top boxes, dongle-style 'PC sticks', Internet of Things devices, the Xbox One, and many more.

At the booth, the technological major is displaying the advantages of Windows 10 and some of its other products and technologies in retail environments, including its new 'vision' for a point of sale (POS) solution which it says "will transform traditional, stationary workstations into interactive mobile experiences."


The solution allows in-store retail associates to log in using password-free Windows Hello biometric authentication, and as Microsoft explains, they can "seamlessly transition from a mobile touch-tablet mode, to a traditional desktop mode, and even project to a larger display with Continuum".


Microsoft's Jeremy Korst, head of Windows Product Marketing, elaborates further on this: For instance, let’s say the associate wanted to show off a new living room set that is not in the store. It’s really difficult to show that on 5” screen. The Windows 10 device can “dock” seamlessly to a larger screen so the customer can see it in greater detail. The device can also easily dock to peripheral stations to access receipt printers, EAS deactivators, flatbed scanners, scales and more. This enables retail partners to leverage one set of devices and experiences for new and engaging retail experiences, as well as accomplishing their traditional transaction workflow.


He also says that Microsoft is "at the epicenter of digital and physical transformation" in retail, and that it's committed to helping retailers "not only meet the needs of their customers but find new and engaging ways for them to interact with time-starved consumers."


-K Ramanathan

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