Microscan Launches MicroHAWK Ultra High Definition Imagers
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07-03-2017 00:00:00
Microscan Launches MicroHAWK Ultra High Definition Imagers

Microscan, a global manufacturer and pioneer of miniature barcode imagers and machine vision smart cameras for industrial automation, has launched new ultra-high definition (UHD) imagers on its MicroHAWK platform. 


The new MicroHAWK UHD imagers and smart cameras are able to decode very small and difficult-to-read barcodes, including Data Matrix two-dimensional (2D) symbols and direct part marks (DPM) used in electronics manufacturing. Users can rely on the MicroHAWK UHD's ability to read symbols with an x-dimension as small as 2 mil (0.0254 mm) - almost invisible to the naked eye, a press release said. 


Space, or the lack of it, can be a challenge when placing barcodes or Data Matrix symbols on electronics components. However, readable barcodes are critical to component traceability, time/date stamping, work in progress (WIP) tracking, and recall management. Whether it be a printed label or a direct part mark in a difficult location, the new MicroHAWK UHD readers with Microscan's X-Mode decoding algorithms are up to the challenge. 


The new UHD option is now available for all SXGA (1.3 megapixel) MicroHAWK models: ID-20, ID-30, and ID-40 barcode readers as well as MV-20, MV-30, and MV-40 smart cameras. There are two fixed focus options available: the 64 mm option is ideal for decoding 2D symbols as small as 2 mil printed on labels or directly marked on parts, while the 400 mm option is intended for decoding printed or DPM 2D symbols as small as 10 mil. An autofocus option will be available soon. 


The MicroHAWK series includes a fully-integrated imaging engine and three industrial-rated miniature imagers. Together with Microscan's browser-based WebLink user interface for barcode reading, intuitive AutoVISION Software, or advanced Visionscape Software, the MicroHAWK platform enables the decoding of any symbol, recognition of any text, and inspection of any part feature to accomplish any automation task based on visible data.


MicroHAWK offers a single hardware solution that meets various decoding and inspection tasks, in any integration space, and at any experience level.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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