JCM Showcases Ticketing Solutions at EAG 2018
12-01-2018 00:00:00
JCM Showcases Ticketing Solutions at EAG 2018

JCM Global has been protecting amusement and attractions operators for decades, and now at EAG 2018, JCM will showcase its leading solutions that help operators protect their investments, increase customer service, and make better customer connections. EAG will be held from 16-18 January at London's ExCeL Centre.


First is JCM's Ticket2Go retrofit ticketing solution, a field-proven success throughout Europe. Ticket2Go is a retrofit ticketing solution created specifically for gaming and AWP devices that do not support standard ticketing protocols. 


It offers a safe, secure and easy to use solution for small to medium-sized venues and can easily be can be installed across multiple sites, enabling operators to replace coin payout technology with a simple ticket-based solution. It is also multi-lingual and multi-currency for the ultimate in customer service.


JCM's bill validation solutions include iVIZION, iPRO-RC and the Vega series. iVIZION offers the highest levels of security, with CIS technology that scans the entire note or ticket, reading more than 9.5 million data points on every note, more than twice that of the nearest competitor.


iPRO-RC is a highly secure, cost-efficient bill validator that also offers a note recycling feature, speeding customer payments.


The Vega line includes the Vega, Vega-RC and Vega-RC Twin bill validators. Each combines economical pricing with secure protection, and an optional recycling unit increases customer service by providing fast payouts with fewer jams. The Vega product line's multiple options give operators maximum flexibility.


JCM's GEN5 thermal printer maximizes customer service with a faster CPU and faster print speed, flexibility to print TITO and promotional tickets, and various wager tickets and templated promo coupons.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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