Intuition Systems Launches First Artificial Intelligence and Cloud-based Integrated POS Product
18-08-2017 00:00:00
Intuition Systems Launches First Artificial Intelligence and Cloud-based Integrated POS Product

Bengaluru-based Intuition Systems has launched India’s first Artificial Intelligence and Cloud-enabled fully integrated POS product IVEPOS V4. 


The recently-launched POS product comprises of features like real-time analytics, customer relationship management, task automation, integrated card and digital wallet acceptance and many more features. 


The company showcased the product in the recently-held Food & Hospitality World Expo in Bengaluru.


India's first Artificial Intelligence and machine learning-enabled point of sale product, IVEPOS V4, encompasses many remarkable features. The current POS/Billing systems are bulky, archaic, expensive and complex un-intelligent machines running on outdated Windows software with no integration with the hardware. 


Anand Asaithambi, co-founder of Intuition Systems, candidly accepts that the company has bold plans and envisions to expand and cater to South East Asia, South America, Europe, American markets in next few quarters. Intuition Systems is receiving various awards and accolades more frequently for its product innovation and excellence with the latest being listed in 'Top 5 POS Systems in India - 2016' published by Silicon India magazine. 


The IVEPOS V4's Artificial Intelligence features and functionality allows the entrepreneurs to completely go easy on their billing, payments and business management and focus on their core business activities and enable them with their venture expansion. 
IVEPOS V4 is precisely crafted for any type and size of business like garment shops, salon and spas, grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, pharmacies and many more. The product comprises of many useful features that are AI enabled like inventory management, product management, customer relationship management, intelligent report and analytics, bar code management, marketing tools, task automation, retail chains, integrated card and digital wallet acceptance, bulk database importing and much more.  


IVEPOS V5 will soon be launched and one can get their hands on the product at Food Pro exhibition to be held in Chennai from 7th to 9th September, 2017. The new AI enabled and cloud-based IVEPOS V5 will be composed of features like integrated employee management, expenses tracking, accounting, order display & management system and real-time analytics with processed data. This would give businesses an edge with the power of data to make a better decision based on insights, all these extraordinary features just in one product. 


Headquartered in Bengaluru, Intuition Systems has operations in all major Indian metro cities and an office in U.S. as well. After successfully providing POS solutions to firms like G Cube Retail, Kera Cafe, Fusion Bytez, Nammane Oota, Galaxy's, Dosai Asai, Ding dong, Snehashree pub, Kings & Queens poker club, Aina fashions, Ci Gusta and many more, the company is now expanding its operations across all major tier-I and tier-II cities in India by introducing IVEPOS V5 POS/billing/payment/cloud systems & solutions to healthcare, retail, transport sectors. Intuition's dealership network is rapidly growing in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telegana, Kerala and other regions of South India with imminent expansion in New Delhi, Maharashtra and West Bengal. 


About Intuition Systems  


Intuition Systems is India's first Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and cloud-enabled POS, billing, payments and business management product manufacturing company. The innovative and intuitive AI and cloud-enabled POS product provides and facilitates payments, billing solution, CRM, inventory and product management solutions to restaurant, pharma & healthcare, grocery stores, apparel & footwear, salon & spa and other retail entities.  


Intuition Systems' AI enabled product places the company at a unique juncture of fintech, POS and analytics companies in a leading position. The company strives to create immense value and enable entrepreneurs through the product by easing payments, inventory management, CRM, in-store marketing, real-time analytics and many more features, all in one product. 

-K Ramanathan

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