Infinite Peripherals Launches All-in-One EMV/Chip and PIN Mobile POS Solution
16-12-2015 00:00:00
Infinite Peripherals Launches All-in-One EMV/Chip and PIN Mobile POS Solution
Infinite Peripherals, a leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions, has introduced the Infinea mPOS and Infinea mPOS Flat, all-in-one mPOS solutions for the iPhone5 and iPod touch 5th and 6th generation.;

The lightweight units allow retailers to handle transactions anywhere in the store, increase conversion rates, check inventory and free up floor space for merchandise.

Representing the next evolution of mPOS systems, the MFi-certified Infinea mPOS integrates a magnetic stripe reader, PIN pad and NFC capabilities to handle any kind of transaction, including magnetic card, chip card and contactless transactions, such as card Tap-and-Go, Apple Pay and Android Pay. The solution has a full set of EMV certifications - Contact EMV Level 1, Level 2, contactless EMV Level 1 and Brands' Contactless certifications.

"With the ongoing transition to EMV in the U.S., the growth of contactless payments, and pervasive security concerns, we are thrilled to be among the first to offer this versatile iOS-compatible device that equips merchants to meet all payment needs with one compact system," said Andrey Tikhonov, senior director of payment technology at IPC, adding, "As a leader in enterprise mobility and the first company to mobilize iOS for the enterprise, IPC quickly delivers solutions that address a rapidly evolving payments industry."

Connecting to the iPhone or iPod touch via the Lightning connector, the Infinea mPOS delivers built-in flexibility and enhanced mobile payment security by accommodating a traditional credit card with a magnetic stripe, an EMV chip card with PIN entry and contactless payments. The device includes a tactile keypad with 10 numeric and six functional keys, in addition to a scanner with a 2D imager capable of reading 1D and 2D barcodes for operational efficiency, such as price checks and inventory management.

For even greater versatility, the new Infinea mPOS Flat delivers the same benefits as the Infinea mPOS, but connects via Bluetooth® to any iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone or Windows mobile device. The full line of Infinea mPOS devices is powered by the complete software development kit (SDK), enabling a rapid integration to any mobile custom payment solution.

The Infinea mPOS and Infinea mPOS Flat leverage third-party software that runs on the units, allowing data to be stored locally or transmitted via a Wi-Fi or cellular network. IPC’s easy-to-use SDK simplifies programming the reader and scanner functions as well as integrating the product with other POS systems and gateways. IPC partners with customers to ensure that applications are activated quickly and simply.

The Infinea mPOS and Infinea mPOS Flat also connect via Bluetooth to a portable receipt printer, such as the IPC mobile printers DPP-250, DPP-350 and DPP-450, for 2, 3 and 4-inch receipts. Custom cases for the mPOS devices are available to showcase individual branding for retailers.

Merchants using this future-proof system are compliant with the EMV chip card security standard in the U.S. that helps limit card-present fraud.
-K Ramanathan

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