Impulsify Launches ShopPoP Self-Pay Retail Kiosk
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10-11-2017 00:00:00
Impulsify Launches ShopPoP Self-Pay Retail Kiosk

Impulsify, Inc (Denver, CO) has launched game-changing technology for the increasingly popular grab-n-go lobby retail outlets commonly referred to as pantries, gift shops or markets. 


ShopPoP is the first of its kind Self-Pay Kiosk specifically designed and certified for unattended retail purchases at lobby retail outlets. The kiosk allows guests to "Scan Below. Pay and Go!" when purchasing snack or beverage items to improve retail sales and overall guest experience – a process that currently requires standing in the check-in line to purchase items at the front desk.


"This is a Win-Win-Win," states Janine Williams, CEO of Impulsify, who further says, "Guests have a cooler, better, faster overall experience, retail revenue increases due to a reduction in abandoned sales and theft, and the front desk is able to focus on checking in guests – rather than multi-tasking as a retail cashier during busy check in periods."


Guests simply select an item, scan the product UPC using an integrated barcode scanner, and charge to a room folio or pay by credit card using the Ingenico I285, Unattended Certified credit card terminal that accepts chip, swipe, tap and Android/Apple Pay. They may select to email or print receipt at the kiosk.


ShopPoP is the guest-facing version of ImpulsePoint, the patented Hotel Retail Management System that Impulsify launched in 2013. When guests scan items and pay at the kiosk, ImpulsePoint automatically reduces inventory and tracks analytics on that purchase in real-time. 


Front desk sales and kiosk sales aggregate into simple, actionable reporting on the back end to let managers know what sold, what's running low, what isn't earning its spot on the shelf to improve overall retail performance and guest experience.


"ShopPoP was long-overdue for hospitality. Self-Pay is really a must-have in any retail situation these days, but particularly where long check-in lines, tech savvy guests, and high expectations abound. Hoteliers cannot afford to have an annoyed Diamond Member tapping their foot, impatient to check in while the front desk checks the price of a Kind Bar, a Vitamin Water, computes it in their head, accepts payment, makes change… You're just asking for a bad check-in review," adds Williams.


In early testing, Self-Pay Kiosk use accounted for 55-76% of retail transactions conducted and increased retail revenue by 22%. Williams attributes this increase in revenue to the decrease in abandoned sales and what she refers to as "inadvertent theft" where the guest wants to pay, but the line at the front desk is too long so they either put it back or take it thinking they will come back and pay later, but rarely do.


Another costly scenario involves the desk associate regularly giving products away because she is too busy with check-ins or front desk issues to stop and ring up a bottle of water.


ShopPoP is the first Self-Pay Kiosk fully certified for unattended payments. Through partnerships with Ingenico and Kioware – a Kiosk Management Software – ShopPoP meets all requirements for Unattended payments and is certified with Oracle / Micros Opera and other major global hotel brand Property Management Systems for one-click Room Charge capability. All cash transactions and alcohol purchases are still conducted at the front desk.

-K Ramanathan

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