ImPOS to take on global giants with new cloud POS solution
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23-11-2015 00:00:00
ImPOS to take on global giants with new cloud POS solution
Leading point of sale (POS) solution provider ImPOS has announced forrying into cloud-based POS solutions to consolidate its position as leading Point of Sale (POS) solution provider for global hospitality industry.

ImPOS has seen its revenues go up by 37 per cent in 2015, which will help support the launch of a new cloud POS solution, the company said in a release, adding, its Beta version is all set to be released soon.

Sean O'Meara, Founder and Managing Director at ImPOS said the company has been developing a new cloud POS technology to remain competitive against global providers such as Square and Vend.

"We pride ourselves on innovation and look forward to showing the Australian and overseas hospitality market how we have responded to the challenge of digital disruption through our expertise and deep industry insights," he said.

ImPOS was founded in Melbourne in 2005 as a commercial-grade POS system to serve the fast, user-friendly and responsive needs of the hospitality industry. It now owns 12 per cent of its target market, has an annual turnover of more than $AU7 million and has grown at approximately 27 per cent year on year since 2013.

"Ten years is an important milestone for the company, especially considering I founded the business in a two-car garage and have never had any external funding. I am excited about what we have achieved in the last 10 years," said O'Meara.
-K Ramanathan

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