Honeywell Unveils Solaris 7980g Scanner for Retailers
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27-01-2016 00:00:00
Honeywell Unveils Solaris 7980g Scanner for Retailers

Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions has recently unveiled its new Solaris 7980g scanner, a retail scanner for the growing mobile payment space.


Designed to help retailers address the latest payment trends, the new scanner has the ability to read 2D barcodes off of mobile phones. Shoppers increasingly want to use their personal mobile devices in place of both credit cards and retail loyalty cards.


“With the launch of mobile payment offerings like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, consumers can not only pay for goods with a simple tap, but at the same time receive and earn loyalty points, discounts and promotions directly to their device,” said Manan Arora, Product Marketing Manager, Scanning, Honeywell Sensing & Productivity Solutions. “The Solaris 7980g allows retailers to prepare for this next generation of mobile payment,” he added.


The high performance Solaris 7980g scanner provides up to 80 per cent faster barcode scanning when compared with current competitor models in the market.


The Honeywell Solaris 7980g scanner still offers the flexibility to be able to read traditional 'flat' barcodes (1D barcodes), which the retail market still relies on today. But at the press of a button, it will also read new 2D barcodes that are displayed by electronic devices such as mobile phones. This enables retailers to provide a better in-store shopping experience for their customers as 2D barcodes become more commonplace.


The Solaris 7980g scanner has the strongest imaging technology on the market, and is able to read barcodes of any colour and from any angle. The scanner uses a newly-developed white LED light rather than the bright red light of traditional scanners. The scanner is powered by USB and installation is quick and easy.

-K Ramanathan

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