Honeywell showcases 'Hospital of the Future'
10-06-2015 00:00:00
Honeywell showcases 'Hospital of the Future'
Honeywell, a technology and manufacturing major, is showcasing how its services and technology can help deliver the 'Hospital of the Future' at the ongoing Building Healthcare Exhibition & Conference in Dubai, UAE.
In the three-day event, which began on June 8 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Honeywell displays a broad spectrum of products ranging from non-invasive sensor technology for measuring vital signs, IP-based nurse call systems and patient entertainment to alarm management and intelligent building automation systems for hospitals and nursing homes of all sizes, a media report said.
Ambitious medical infrastructure projects are driving health care industry growth around the world with countries investing tens of billions of dollars in healthcare infrastructure are keen to optimize current operations, something Honeywell is very well positioned to deliver.
"With decades of experience in healthcare facilities across the globe, Honeywell understands the complex, competitive and highly regulated world of healthcare. As an industry leader and single source expert, Honeywell designs, manufactures, installs and services integrated solutions that meet the demands facing hospital management teams across the region," Peter Costa, vice president, Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions, Middle East, told TradeArabia News Service.
"We are pleased to bring the 'Hospital of the Future' concept to the region. From the moment a patient registers for any procedure, Honeywell technologies can follow the individual through their entire medical experience, from arrival in the hospital car park, through admissions, procedure and recovery, right through to leaving the hospital, and even providing remote medical care from their home," Costa added.
Honeywell has been showing to the visiting dignitaries that how intelligent technologies are crucial to effective healthcare management. While traditional, standalone systems provide clear benefits to end users, the real power lies in managing them as one integrated solution.
Centralizing core building automation systems provides a holistic view, and helps boost energy and operational efficiency by pulling information from all applications into one interface, which enables cross-system sharing and data analysis.
This is exemplified by the Honeywell Digital Hospital Enterprise, an integrated command and control centre that provides a single point of support for all systems in a medical facility.
Also, in light of recent high profile cyber hacks, numerous healthcare companies are now re-evaluating their security systems. Honeywell also showing how it is working to help improve cyber security, highlighting the safety-related features.
-K Ramanathan

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