Goa Implements Hi-tech ‘Post Office in Hand’ Concept with Hand-held POS Devices 
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10-10-2017 00:00:00
Goa Implements Hi-tech ‘Post Office in Hand’ Concept with Hand-held POS Devices 

Goa has become the first state in the country to implement the carrying of  ‘post office in hand’ concept, with branch postmasters attached to 138 out of the total 153 rural post offices in Goa having been supplied with portable, solar-run, hand-held POS devices.


The devices can carry out all transactions including depositing/withdrawing money in the postal department under its various schemes.
The devices have SIM connectivity, one GB RAM, a 3.5 megapixel camera, a magnetic card reader and a thermal printer among other features and is connected to the data centre of the postal department and powered by means of solar panels installed at the respective post offices.


Goa has a network of 257 post offices out of which 153 are in rural areas and have been facing the disadvantage of limited network.
Coming out with this information, on October 9, the World Post Day as well as in commemoration of the extended National Postal Week to be held from October 9 to October 17, the Postmaster General, Goa region, N Vinodkumar said that following the direction of the central government that linking of the Aadhaar Card is mandatory for all post office deposits, the exercise of doing so for all 3.68 lakh accounts in the Goan post offices has already began.


“Once this is done, the Aadhaar verification would be possible on these portable, hand-held, devices,” he added. The World Postal day is celebrated on October 9 every year to mark the anniversary of the creation of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 1874.


“Goa in fact, is the first state in the country to have successfully implemented the three major silos of the IT project that is core banking solutions, core system integration and rural information communication technology, which includes the use of these portable, hand-held devices,” Vinodkumar said, adding that under the core banking solutions, till now four ATMs have been installed around Goa, as also Postal RuPay cards that can be used to withdraw money from the ATMs. “In Goa, we have 104 major post offices doing core business transactions,” he added.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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