GK Software Adds New Features to TransAction+ Payment Processing Application
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20-10-2017 00:00:00
GK Software Adds New Features to TransAction+ Payment Processing Application

GK Software, a global leader in omni-channel retail, has announced improved capabilities and services for its TransAction+ payment processing application. 


Designed to meet the demands of an increasingly digital and mobile operational landscape, TransAction+ is a flexible, configurable and secure solution that integrates point-of-sale systems with more than 40 payment authorization providers in US. Delivering both payments and non-payments interactions at the customer-facing device, users can fulfill any payment processing need without requiring the retailer to invest in additional infrastructure.


Originally introduced more than 20 years ago, TransAction+ has successfully been deployed across thousands of locations by major retailers, restaurant chains, and independent operators. As part of GK Software’s dedication to meet the evolving demands of secure omni-channel commerce, TransAction+ offers:


Mobile payments processing – Delivers fast and secure transaction processing on mobile terminals and devices to meet the demands of modern retail.


Pay-at-Table – Brings the point-of-sale to the restaurant customer, improving transaction times and payments security while accelerating the rate of table turns.


Support for PIN-less Debit – Increases customer convenience and reduces payments interchange fees for merchants.


In keeping with GK Software’s dedication to meeting the modern security and regulatory requirements of its North American customers, TransAction+ is PCI/PA-DSS and PABP certified. It also supports End to End Encryption (E2EE) and EMV for the major US payments processors. The solution is continually updated and enhanced to support security, processor and card brand mandates as a part of standard product maintenance.



“TransAction+ is an exciting solution for retailers and restaurants requiring more power, speed and security in their payments processing systems,” said Michael Jaszczyk, CEO, GK Software USA, adding, "TransAction+ has been widely adopted by organizations across North America, and we’re thrilled to introduce an improved feature set that provides a new level of power and security without operational disruption.”

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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